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     To ensure the comfort of its customers, by maintaining the initial parameters of the installed systems, MATE-FIN has developed a dedicated department, the Costumer Service Center. This department consists of experienced engineers and technicians, staff for a quick response and a Laboratory Service.
     Staff competences and material resources that we provide, are recommending us as a trusted partner to ensure the functioning of your equipment at the initial parameters.
     The establishment of a maintenance contract is the easiest way through which one can benefit from the expertise of our specialists. The flexibility of these contracts allows customization according to the needs and requirements of each customer.

Benefits of a MATE-FIN Maintenance Contract are resumed below:
- Ensure a minimum time of response
All requests for intervention received, are solved in the shortest time.
 - Making regular visits for preventing technical problems
A Maintenance Contract is a warranty for conducting periodic visits by our technicians, in order to ensure maximum reliability of the equipment. During these visits, the equipments are tested and cleaned, to ensure their operation at the initial parameters.
- Priority in solving the arising problems
A Maintenance Contract means at the same time, ensuring priority handling of the issues raised and their remediation in the shortest possible time.
- Ensure back-up equipment
If the problem can’t be solved at the site, than we ensure the spare equipments, from the specially created stock, to replace the faulty ones, during the repair.
- Provide spare parts
Having as a goal a minimum of discomfort to our customers, spare parts are offered from stock, or purchased urgently, thus reducing the repair time of damaged equipment.
This is possible due to our direct collaboration with leading manufacturers in the world.
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