Who is Mate Fin?

    MATE-FIN is a Romanian private company, founded in 1992, by a group of senior scientists from the Institute of Atomic Physics, Bucharest – Magurele, Romania.
   MATE-FIN offers high-tech specialized products and services in nuclear field (objectives, nuclear equipments, measuring and control equipments) as well as in the field of management, control and handling of radioactive sources (low, medium and high activity). MATE-FIN is also providing services and equipments for nuclear and non-nuclear industries, in areas such as industrial facilities and constructions.
     The company’s average turnover in the recent years is about 4,000,000 Euro.
    MATE-FIN has qualified and certified personnel and all authorizations required by law and nuclear regulatory bodies: ISO-9001, ISO 14.001, OHSAS 18.001 and CNCAN specific authorizations.
    MATE-FIN is the exclusive representative in Romania of international leaders in the field of nuclear radiation detection and environmental protection, as well as measuring equipments (such as MIRION Technologies (MGPi, RADOS, IST), FLUKE, OVERHOFF, LAKER), energy products (KINECTRICS, ENVINET), but also for specific equipments (F&J, ECKERT&ZIEGLER).
     MATE-FIN is involved, by firm contracts, in processing and management of various radioactive waste categories from Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant and also in maintenance of equipment and technical assistance for the management of the plant radioactive waste. By firm contracts also, MATE-FIN is the leading provider of equipments for measurement and control and for continuous monitoring of radioactivity in Cernavoda NPP.
    Among MATE-FIN’s main clients are: Cernavoda NPP, Nuclear Fuel Plant Pitesti, Institute for Studies and Power Engineering Bucharest, Water Treatment Plant Crivina, National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering Bucharest-Magurele, Institute for Nuclear Research Pitesti, Department of Statistics Bucharest, Bucharest Auchan, Mall Plaza Bucharest.
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