Classical laboratory methods for measuring tritium concentration in air, by liquid scintillating method, are laborious, expensive, time consuming and produce radioactive waste.
       MATE-FIN developed a specific instrumentation for measuring on-line and in real time, tritium concentration in air.
      These equipments are important for monitoring radiological doses in exposed areas and find their application in large facilities such as:
-  Nuclear Power Plants;
-  Factories with nuclear profile;
-  Research Institutes and Laboratories.
      A single monitor can monitor tritium concentrations in up to 30 different locations. Air samples are collected by a network of pipes fitted with valves controlled by a central computer. Sampling is performed automatically by algorithms established in advance and data registration is done in a data base. View of the results on-line is available locally, on the display of Tritium in Air Monitor and remotely, on the process computer. The access to the data base is available, for local users, on the process computer, or, remotely, through the Internet. The software application allows the preparation of reports regarding the evolution of tritium concentrations in monitored areas and the evolution of sampling algorithms.


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