DMC 3000

DMC 3000     


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Covering a wide range of X-Ray and Gamma radiation detection, the DMC 3000 Electronic Dosimeter represents over 25 years of real-world electronic dosimetry experience, continually refined through customer feedback.

The unique, high contrast and backlit LCD display provides a clear indication of wearer's dose and ambient dose rate for deep dose equivalent. More importantly, multiple methods (audible, visual, and tactile) are utilized to alert the wearer of alarm conditions.

• Loud Alarm, > 85 dB Peak 
• Vibrating alarm 
• Highly Visible Backlit Display 
• Optional Telemetry 
• Factory Upgradeable Firmware 
• Simple 2-Button Navigation 
• Extended Dose Rate Alarms 
• Dual UltraBright LED Alarm 
• Superior X-Ray and Gamma Energy Response 
• Meets or Exceeds Applicable IEC and ANSI Standards 
• Designed for Ruggedness and Durabili


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