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The model 357BW is a single range, ionization chamber monitor for the measurement of tritium. It is contained in a NEMA 12 enclosure and is suitable for permanent installation and for continuous duty.
It is suited for the monitoring of rooms, glove boxes, fume hoods, exhaust stacks and systems, as well as process piping when supplied with external dedicated ionization chambers.
The enclosure has a hinged door with a tempered glass window. The enclosure is double-hinged so that it can be opened for servicing the various components inside.
The audible alarm and a pushbutton for muting the audible alarm are located on the top of the enclosure. The sample inlet and exhaust fittings are located on top of the enclosure. Connector receptacles are mounted on the top of the enclosure for AC power entry and remote output.

Major distinguishing features include the following:
Display/Control Unit installed in a Wall Mount
NEMA 12 enclosure.
Available with Dual or Quadruple ionization chambers
Single measurement range over four plus decades.
Plate out proof ionization chambers eliminate “background” zero drift


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