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Wireless Remote Monitoring System

The WRM² and WRMDM iPAM-Tx Transmitter is an intelligent transmitter that integrates LEDs, buzzer, and vibration to warn the user of any changes in the user's radiation environment and notifies the telemetry software

  • Compact and rugged for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Works with existing WRM² 900 MHz radio telemetry system
  • WRMDM 2.4 GHz Radio telemetry system
  • Six 1570mcd super-red LED for alarms
  • Diffused blue translucent case for glowing effect when unit alarms
  • Vibrator and 90dB-95dB @ 30cm Buzzer
  • 24 hours of telemetry with 15 minutes of continuous alarm
  • Transmits iPAM Tx battery voltage to telemetru software
  • AA battery or DC powerde (micro USB connector)
  • Exceptional range
  • Works with DMC 2000X, DMC 2000XB ans SOR/R
  • Works with the LDM 2xx and 2000 Hands-Free readers only



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