M215 Dual Camera Processor


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      The IST-Quadtek M215 Processor from Mirion Technologies supports one or two M550 Series IST-Quadtek cameras. The application software provides for up to 32 overlaid temperature measurement zones per camera, which are fully adjustable for size and measurement mode through the user interface. This gives operators the ability to view process conditions from two plant locations and to perform temperature measurement of virtually any object or region in each field of view.

• Two cameras into one processor
• Continuous, clear real-time video
• Intuitive graphical user interface
• 32 moveable and sizeable temperature measurement zones (TMZ).
 Programmable for minimum, maximum or average temperature measurement.
• 16 channels 4-20mA output with flexible TMZ assignment and calibration
• Temperature signalling over Ethernet using TCP/IP provides for significantly enhanced plant control system integration
• Short term on-screen trending with flexible TMZ assignment and customisable presentation
• Long term temperature charting, supporting up to 2 charts + camera internal temperature, with flexible TMZ assignment and customisable presentation
• 10x digital video zoom with pan capability
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