M356 Retract System



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   Pneumatic Automatic Retract System

  The IST-Quadtek high temperature imaging camera systems are cooled by air or water. If the plant supply of air pressure, water or electricity is interrupted the M356 Pneumatic Automatic Retract System will retract the camera from the most severe heat, protecting it from serious damage. With the camera retracted from the intense heat the operator has time to arrive at the location and manually pull the lens clear of the viewport. Then they can track the coolant problem and re-install the camera. The M356 works with the IST-Quadtek Bedbug, Lynx and Spyrometer cameras, as well as cameras of many other manufacturers.

  The M356 retraction system now includes a ruggedized safety air resevoir and additional options such as locking pistons for downward-inclined camera installations.

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