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     The IST-Rees Dotcam HR is an innovative camera designed as an extremely easy-to-use, flexible device combining service proven reliability with higher radiation resistance. The Dotcam HR is a color video camera offering excellent reproducibility with low lag and high burn resistance and is not subject to distortion from magnetic fields.

    The versatility of the camera comes from it’s ease of deployment and small footprint; ideal for many on-site tasks demanding higher radiation tolerances. The Dotcam HR proves itself in the most demanding situations by providing dose tolerances up to 100krad (1kGy) total dose and provides good pictures at dose rates up to 30krad/h (300Gy/h).


    The system incorporates a 1/3" state-of-the-art sensor providing high quality color pictures - even in low lighting conditions. The Dotcam HR provides an integral white LED lighting ring, 4.0mm f/5.0 lens and is fully immersible to a depth of 60m (200’).

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