Fuel Inspection System



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     High definition color CCTV system to efficiently identify and record fuel rod inspection

       Mirion Technologies IST-Rees Fuel Inspection System is a robust high definition fuel rod inspection apparatus designed to save time and money in any refueling operation. Utilizing IST-Rees technology based from proven designs, the system is designed to inspect all four faces of the fuel bundle in a single passing movement. The operator can view the operation on a rolling cart operator station which utilizes a 4-face camera and lighting multi-channel control unit, 26" high-definition monitor with articulating arm, a multiviewer and high-definition recorder to capture images as the fuel bundle moves through the fuel inspection structure.


   The five color cameras are radiation tolerant to 1 Mrad and provide high resolution images of the full width of each face of the fuel assembly. The fixed position color cameras offer 10:1 optical zoom (12x digital zoom). High output white LED’s are position for maximum illumination.



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