R90 Mark 3 Local CCU

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 Local Control Camera Control Unit


  • Membrane keypad for controlling camera functions
  • 19 inch 3U rack mounting chassis
  • Compatible with all R90 Type Cameras
  • Lighting power supply, and pan and tilt supply options
  • Optional remote control panel
  • Camera type selector switch
  • High power external lighting control option


     The IST-Rees R930CUH Local Control CCU from Mirion Technologies is designed to provide full remote control of any R90 type single channel camera system. It is housed in a 19" rack mount chassis with a tactile membrane keypad on the front but an optional remote keypad is available for camera control away from the CCU rack.
    Innovative new circuits have been incorporated to significantly reduce the effects of radiation damage, dark current temperature instability and tube aging.
Video card Auto-Black Circuit: This detects the darkest area being viewed and uses it to set the grey scale for the rest of the picture. Optimizes contrast independently of tube dark current variations caused by radiation effects or temperature changes.
     Scan card Beam Current Stabilization Circuit: Counters the effects of tube aging by sensing the limiter current and controlling the grid voltage. This maintains a constant beam current producing an improved electron beam spot shape and high resolution.
    The combined action of these circuits allows all IST- Rees Mk 3 cameras to provide a high resolution picture for longer periods of time, in higher total absorbed radiation doses (2MGy (H20) [60Co]), and at higher temperatures.
     Fully compatible with international video standards, units are available in 525 or 625 line and 100-120V, 200-240V, 50/60Hz. It can be integrated or locked to external sources, image processors or machine vision systems.
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