R93 Varifocal Lens Body



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  • Compact
  • Close focus
  • 3:1 Zoom lens
  • Non-browning optics
  • Remotely driven
  • Underwater surveillance
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Reactor inspection
  • Tube inspection
  • Robotics and manipulator surveillance
  • Serial number verification
     Developed for use with IST-Rees R93 Cameras the R930VHV Zoom Lens Body provides a highly compact zoom facility for close-up viewing tasks in nuclear environments. The optic fitted to the R930VHV is a non-browning 8 to 24mm, f/2.8 zoom lens with a close focus ability which is ideal for inspection tasks. To aid deployment the stainless steel body is submersible to 60m (197’) and retains the same overall diameter as the R93.
     The iris, zoom and macro functions are remotely driven via motors in the R93 camera. However, the zoom lens is used in a varifocal mode. While the lens does not 'track' like a conventional zoom lens, it can be pre-set to 'track' at a set working distance. (In practice most users zoom the lens in or out to obtain the desired field of view and then use the macro focus control on an R93 Mk 3 local CCU to adjust focus).
     Fitting the R930VHV lens body to the camera is very simple. Unscrewing the camera rear locking ring allows the existing body to be removed and the R930VHV can then be fitted over the camera capsule and dual 'O' rings. Once the locking ring is tightened the camera assembly is waterproof and ready to use.
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