Download R93 Datasheet 

Download R93 Datasheet 

Download R93 Datasheet

Download R93 Camera   


     General Purpose Nuclear Camera

     Combining versatility, high radiation tolerance and wide-range viewing capabilities, the IST-Rees R93 Camera from Mirion is designed to meet your inspection needs.           

  • Very high radiation tolerance (exceeding 2MGy)
  • Easy decontamination
  • Wide range of non-browning lens
  • High resolution pictures for inspections
  • Remote control of functions
  • Wide range of attachments, lens bodies and viewing heads


  • Underwater surveillance
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Reactor inspection
  • Tube inspection
  • Robotics and manipulator surveillance
  • Serial number verification

To view the  R93 product datasheet please click "Download R93 Datasheet 3 PDF"
To view available lens bodies please click "Download R93 Datasheet 1 PDF"
To view available interchangeable viewing heads click "Download R93 Datasheet 2 PDF"
To view varifocal lens click "Download R93 Datasheet 4 PDF"
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