R981/C981 Compact



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Compact System Camera


  • Class leading radiation tolerance
  • Pan, tilt, zoom, video and power over three twisted pairs
  • Radiation Tolerant Telemetry
  • One 19" sub-rack to control up to 8 cameras
  • 8 channel lighting and microphone sub-racks
  • RS-485 control of sub-racks
  • Change camera outstation without adjustment
  • Software protocol and hardware can address up to 128 channels of cameras and lighting
  • Simple cable


  • Process monitoring
  • Safe guard surveillance
  • In-containment viewing
  • Waste management
  • Guidance and posting
      The R981/C981compact camera range builds on the success of the standard R981/C981 but offers a full radiation tolerant pan, tilt and zoom camera with a smaller sized envelope. Ideal for locating in areas where space is at a premium, we’ve combined the camera and pan and tilt into an integral unit and provided three positions for additional lights and microphone. The black and white or color CCD compact can be configured into multi camera configurations, or a single camera system can be supplied.
    Mirion Technologies is the world’s most experienced supplier of large turnkey television surveillance systems to the nuclear industry. Come to the experts for your inspection and surveillance tools
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