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Radiation Tolerant Color Cameras


  • High radiation tolerance 1MGy
  • Compact
  • Non-browning optics ( 6:1 zoom and fixed lenses)
  • Remotely controlled focus, iris and zoom features
  • Air/underwater operation


  • Corrosion identification
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Serial number verification
  • Robotic and manipulator surveillance
  • Search and retrieval

    The RC991 series of high radiation tolerant color cameras have been designed for the nuclear industry. The camera contains a 2/3" Saticon tube which can operate in high radiation fields and will survive a high accumulated dose. The RC991 is available with a range of non-browning 6:1 zoom lens. The zoom lens optics are constructed of clear non-browning glass (as opposed to yellow-tinted glass) to provide optimum color image quality. Optional fixed focal length lenses are also available. Recognizing the importance of field serviceability of components, the RC991 offers interchangeability of multiple camera heads and camera control units without difficult alignment procedures.
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