Inspection : Low Radiation

     In many areas within the reactor, radiation levels are low enough to deploy Color CCD camera systems. Here we offer a wide range of economical systems which have been specifically developed for the environmental demands and tasks that the industry requires.

     Applications include:
  • Underwater
  • Nuclear fuel pool
  • Reactor vessel
  • Tank and vessel
  • ROV's
  • Manless entry in confined spaces
  • Steam headers
  • Sumps and manifolds
  • Snubber(s) and hanger(s)
     And for areas where both low and high levels of radiation may be encountered, we offer the Allrad Mk2. A High-Resolution Color CCD Camera module or, a high Radiation Hardened camera module, mounted upon a Pan and Tilt platform with integral lighting – The Allrad Mk2 is an all-round multipurpose inspection package.

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