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       Integrated Camera Outstation

  • Receiver, pan & tilt, and enclosure with an Integrated Optics Package (IOP)
  • Auto focus with manual override
  • Programmable camera settings
  • Auto iris with manual override
  • Integral multi-protocol receiver/driver
  • Easy to install: Quick and simple electrical connections
  • Variable speed pan: .1 to 100 °/sec. with proportional pan 
  • 360° continuous pan rotation
  • Operational in 90mph wind conditions; can withstand wind velocity up to 130mph
  • Pan preset speed of 100°/sec. in 50mph wind and 50°/sec. in 90mph winds
  • Tilt range of +33° to -83° from horizontal
  • Preset positioning, patterns, multiple scan modes
  • Designed for minimal maintenance; no gears to adjust
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Indoor/outdoor applications
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