RC913 Mini PTZ Mk2


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  • Slip clutch design for improved mobility and retrievability
  • Improved pan and tilt action with continuous (360°) pan and +/- 120° tilt
  • The 10:1 optical zoom and 4:1 digital zoom provide outstanding viewing performance in a compact and economical package
  • The 63.5mm (2.5") diameter housing allows access to pipes as small as 65mm (2.56")
  • A sealed housing supports in-air or underwater operation
  • Use of a single cable allows ease of use and reduces instances of cable "hang-ups"
  • Enhanced high-intensity white LED lighting with integrated "spot" and "flood" lamps
  • Standard temperature sensing and optional dosimetry measurements
     The Mini PTZ Mk2 is a state of the art, high resolution color CCD camera that provides outstanding performance at an exceptionally low price.
    The Mini PTZ Mk2 provides continuous (360°) pan and +/-120° tilt action with variable speed control creating an easy to use viewing system. The camera is designed to allow deployment in spaces as small as 65mm (2.56") in diameter and its new ball detent slip-clutch design improves retrievability should it snag an object.
    For nuclear applications, the stainless steel housing makes the system easy to decontaminate and the enhanced high-intensity white LED lighting with integrated spot and flood lamps provides controllable lighting for optimum imaging performance.
    These versatile, easy to use cameras provide high quality video inspection for a wide range of applications.
















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