Mirion's IST-Rees CCTV monitoring systems have been supplied for a wide range of applications including remote surveillance of the containment building, primary auxiliary building, turbine area, and spent fuel area. The primary functional task of our systems is to observe specific items of equipment to detect conditions that could lead to plant shutdowns in areas where access is impaired.
     In other areas of the nuclear industry CCTV monitoring of nuclear reprocessing, waste management and storage plants is also now a key function in the safe operation and supervision of these facilities.
     New safety requirements relating to plant life extensions and new plants construction demand the use of multi-camera television systems which can continuously monitor machinery and other key plant areas allowing operators to easily and continuously monitor key locations within their facility. Major project expertise and in depth television knowledge is key in our ability to supply large turnkey systems for surveillance applications. We employ professionally qualified system and design engineers experienced in the managing of television projects from conception to final on-site commissioning.
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