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     The IST-Rees HD-Rad combines high definition video performance with a robust and versatile pan/tilt/zoom inspection platform. The integral HD camera provides an analog component output, giving users the highest quality color images during their inspection process. Additionally, the integrated high-intensity white LED lighting provides excellent illumination for most inspection applications.

   The HD-Rad is based on an industry proven electromechanical arrangement, with a unique clutch assembly to allow fail-safe retrieval. All external surfaces are finished in Stainless Steel to allow easy decontamination if necessary.

         An HD-Rad outstation assembly is rated to a total absorbed dose of 1MGy and designed to allow easy and cost effective field replacement of the more sensitive HD module and LED lighting assembly.

       The addition of the HD-Rad to the long established IST-Rees range of products secures Mirion's position as a leader in the supply of imaging systems to the Nuclear Industry and emphasizes the Imaging Systems Division's commitment to the continuous development of our products and services.

  • Radiation tolerant to 1MGy (1 x 108 rad)*
  • Radiation dose rate at 100Gy per/h (1 x 104 rad/h)
  • Resolution >750tvl (HD mode)
  • High definition
  • Unique slip clutch for fail-safe retrieval
  • Compact housing with small operating envelope
  • Ease of HD module replacement
  • 10:1 optical zoom with 4x digital
  • Integrated camera/lights/pan & tilt
  • Variable speed pan and tilt
  • High-intensity white LED lighting
  • Stainless steel constuction
  • Standard rack-mount controller with remote control input
  • Rugged, radiation tolerant cable
  • Zoom position overlay in SD mode
* Excludes replaceable HD/LED modules
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