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      IST-REES S983 Shielded System Camera

    The new IST-Rees S983 offers a high resolution color camera, sealed for underwater use, which is radiation tolerant to 1 Mrad. The majority of the camera is radiation tolerant to 100 Mrads with only the core technology limiting the overall radiation tolerance. Consequently, only this core technology needs to be replaced when the camera fails due to radiation. The S983 is an ideal color camera for medium radiation environments.

    The S983 can be fitted to an "in air" pan and tilt unit to provide an outstation that is compatible with the R981 and C983 controllers. This provides seamless and cost effective integration of a multi-camera system comprising of S983, C983 and R981 cameras all utilizing the same cables.

   The S983 has radiation dosimetry to aid the user in determining the expected life of the camera. This can be used to replace the core technology at a convenient time. Additional features including position feedback, temperature monitoring, variable Pan and Tilt speed, proportional to zoom position Pan and Tilt speed and flash technology for remote software upgrades.

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