CAP-Cell ® Isolator




   The new Capintec CAP-Cell® Isolator is designed to provide an ISO Class 5 (Class 100) clean air environment to meet the new and more stringent requirements of USP for aseptic sterile compounding.

   This shielded negative pressure recirculating isolator is the ideal system for compounding and dispensing injectable Nuclear Medicine radiopharmaceuticals. The unit incorporates a sealed glove box and interchange chamber, with 1/8 inch (optional ¼ inch) of lead shielding to front door, sides, and floor. Additional shielding on front face provides a full ¼ inch lead body shield. The sealed isolator also eliminates the costly requirement for placement in an exterior ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000) clean room. The standard system uses HEPA filtered air with partial recirculation and room air exhaust. This feature eliminates the need for HVAC hookup and reduces operating costs. Optional external exhaust accessories are available for HVAC hookup if desired. The model has a fully hinged front panel to allow easy access for cleaning and equipment placement. The sealed interchange chamber allows the user to transfer materials without compromising the air quality of the primary cell.

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