C-Tec Syringe Shield


  • Tungsten alloy with lead glass viewing port
  • Bright yellow florescent interior for easy viewing
  • Slim design for ease of use
  • Unique rubber lining protects lead glass
  • 1.75mm tungsten wall thickness

    The C-Tec Syringe Shields by Capintec offer efficient shielding, while not restricting the ease of use even in the smallest hands. Capintec's unique bright yellow florescent gloss reflects light better, which brightens the view of the syringe. This shield features a plasticized rubber ring around the glass, which prevents shattering and reduces breakage.

    A standard thumb screw holds the syringe firmly in place. Both sides of the syringe shield are taped for insertion of the thumb screw making it equally convenient for left hand or right-hand users.

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