Captus ® 3000 Portable


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  • 2 inch diameter flat NaI detector
  • Collimator designed to meet ANSI N44.3
  • Laptop computer
  • External MCA card with USB interface
  • Protection isolation transformer
  • Unique tip proof design
  • Articulating spring arm, with 3 adjustable joints
  • Range of motion for gurney, chair or standing positions
  • Portable stand for easy transport
  • Dissassembles into four lightweight sections
  • Two locking wheels
  • Can be assembled in less than 10 minutes
  • Includes Cs-137 and Eu-152 reference sources
  • Meets all applicable safety standards

     The new portable Captus® 3000 provides significantly improved portability and maneuverability. This lightweight module is easy to move and position. The stand can also be quickly disassembled into four lightweight sections for easy handling and transport to another site. It can be quickly reassembled in only a few minutes. The portable system provides enhanced range of motion for patients on a gurney, chair or standing.
The portable system includes all of the well known Captus® 3000 software modules.

    The thyroid uptake module provides flexible protocols, including decay corrected dose, standard capsule measurement, aliquot correction and multiple capsule factor. Reports include detailed count information and calculated percent uptake. Results which exceed predefined normal ranges will be flagged.

     Bioassay module stores individual efficiencies for bioassay geometry, multiple measurements for each staff member and flags values above preset trigger levels.

     Fully automated quality assurance program using Cs-137 and Eu-152 rod sources provided with system. QA includes full system calibration, Zero offset, energy resolution, energy linearity, efficiency calculations, constancy, chi-squared and MDA functions.

     1024 channel user friendly Multi-Channel Analyzer provides automatic and manual ROI selection, ability to use stored auto-calibration setup, or manually adjust zero, gain and voltage. Spectra can be saved and retrieved for comparison. An isotope library with data for over 90 isotopes is included. All MCA adjustments are software controlled.

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