Captus ® 700t Thyroid Uptake Table Top System

  • Quality Assurance includes zero adjust, automatic gain adjust, calibrator detector resolution, Chi-square, constancy, MDA, automatic efficiency calculation and storage.
  • Thyroid Uptake protocols allow entry of patient demographics and the selection of a pre-defined procedure protocol. The standard can be measured with each uptake or automatically decay-corrected by the software. The number of uptakes for each patient procedure is user-defined.  The Captus 700t software will automatically calculate and store each uptake which will be available for immediate access/printing or may be retrieved at the conclusion of the study or at a later point in time.

   If space and budget are a limiting factor, consider the Captus® 700t Tabletop Thyroid Uptake and Well System for all of your uptake and well counting needs.  Counting procedures using HIPAA compliant software and dedicated modules for Thyroid Uptake, Wipe Tests, Bio-Assay, and Lab Tests including Schillings Test, Blood Volume, and RBC Survival have never been faster or easier.

   QA is fully automated and easy to perform for calibration, Constancy, Chi Square, MDA and resolution functions. System calibration, constancy and Chi-Square are automatically performed using a Cs-137 reference source. Eu-152 can be used for enhanced point to point spectral energy calibration.  The General Measurement software is very user friendly. ROI's can be selected from a convenient menu of isotopes with pre-defined regions, or, ROI's can defined by the user. Results are reported with full spectrum counts and counts by region of interest.

    Multiple TU protocols can be created for I-123, I-131 or Tc-99m. The protocols can use a standard capsule method or allow the system to perform an automatic decay correction to the administered dose. The system will store detailed patient demographics, physician data and administered dose data. There is no limit to the number of uptakes that can be performed, and the results will be reported with detailed count information and automatic percentage uptake calculations.

   Well procedures for wipe and lab tests allow user-defined counting protocols to be developed using a simple, step-by-step format to define, count, store and retrieve data.

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