Captus ® 700t

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   With the Captus® 700t Thyroid Uptake System and its new color touch screen interface, performing thyroid uptake measurements has never been easier.

    Using HIPAA compliant software, the Captus 700t provides fast, dedicated modules for Thyroid Uptake, Wipe Tests, Bio-Assay, and Lab Tests including Schillings Test, Blood Volume, and RBC Survival.

    QA is automated and easy to perform for calibration, constancy, Chi Square, MDA and resolution functions. System calibration, constancy and Chi-Square are automatically performed using a Cs-137 reference source. Eu-152 can be used for enhanced point to point spectral energy calibration.  The General Measurement software is very user friendly. ROI's can be selected from a convenient menu of isotopes with pre-defined regions, or, ROI's can defined by the user. Results are reported with full spectrum counts and counts by region of interest.


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