LDM 220

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 USB Dosimeter Reader

 The LDM 220 is a compact and low cost dosimeter reader that communicates with the dosimeters of the DMC 2000 or SOR families in pass-by data exchange mode.

Associated with the DOSICARE or DOSIFAST software, the LDM 220 reader is used as an interface to activate or deactivate a dosimeter. 
associated with the DOSIMASS software, it is used as an interface to read and write the internal data of the dosimeter.

  • No directional alignment required
  • Indicator lamps for operation and access control
  • Manageable digital inputs/outputs
  • DSP based digital process
  • Compatible with the DMC 2000 and SOR family
  • Compatible with software packages : DOSICARE, DOSIFAST, DOSIMASS and LDM 3000


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