Tri Cair

    Tritium – C-14 Survey Meter

•C-14 and T2O Modes - two channel measurement,
switch selectable
• High Sensitivity – to 5uCi/m3 (0.5 DAC) H-3
•Fast Response – 15 second time constant
•Response to Radon – suppression circuit ensures
noise free operation
•No Zero Drift – better than 1uCi/m3
•Rapid Warm Up – less than 30 seconds
The TriCair A, B, Select can be configured as
“sniffer” to provide real-time indication of C-14
And T2O concentrations allows the user to quickly
Identify airbourne presence of these 2 low energy
Beta emitters.
The Overhoff TriCair A,B, Select
Tritium and C-14 Detector has the unique
ability to monitor for tritium compounds
and airbourne C-14 in real time while
providing gamma compensation. The two
measurement channels, 14CO2 and 3H

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